Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | March 14, 2009

Here’s the thought I’m giving for the Lord’s Supper tomorrow

When I am thinking and praying as I take the Lord’s Supper each week I do not always just think about Christ’s death and resurrection; but also sometimes think of the life he lived and remember the fact that he did live a life in the flesh on this earth.  

            We serve an Almighty God and, though he knows everything, sometimes, when we are suffering, we may be tempted to think he does not know what we are going through and that he cannot know how we feel because he has never experienced it.  But as well as coming to earth for the obvious reason to save us, I also think Christ lived a life in the flesh for this reason, so that when we cry to him and say God cannot not know how we feel, he can whisper gently back to us that he does, for he has felt it, too. 

            While on this earth Christ actually dwelt among us, the Son of God lived day by day feeling sometimes hungry and sometimes cold, feeling the hard ground beneath his back as he slept in the wilderness and the warmth of the sun on his face in the morning.  And he did not live in a palace while here, being served by humanity, but was born to a somewhat poor family and continued to live in poverty his whole life, even when he could have charged so much money for the thousands of people he healed. 

            While Christ was here he was tempted and tried; he was doubted and ridiculed by the very ones he loved; he was made fun of and called names which where lies; he was shunned and rejected by the very nation of people who should have recognized him as their Savior; and then, then the most innocent man to have ever walked the earth was beaten because of jealously and died a lawbreaker’s death because he was hated by those who claimed to serve his Father most faithfully. 

            The most pure Being to ever walk the earth took the sin and filth of those hypocrites upon himself, he took our guilt and failings upon himself.  And as Paul says in 2 Corinthians, he who had no sin became sin for us.  We serve a God who was not only willing to die to save us but was also willing to live to save us, to dwell among us for a time so that by seeing Christ and his actions, we might see the Father.  So that through seeing Christ’ blood, sweat, and tears and hearing his words of love we could see the kind of God we serve and the type of God we are loved by.  Finally, he lived here in the flesh so that we may look at his life and see how God wishes for us to live and love and strive to serve him. 


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