Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | February 10, 2009

God’s Hope in Man

I wrote this on my computer and forgot to edit it on there, I’m too cold to do it out here, so sorry if it does not read well or if there is an error.

I have written a post like this in the past which contained some of the same ideas but I hope to expand a little bit on them.  I have been reading “More Than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell and I suppose something contained within the book brought these thoughts back to mind but I am not sure what in the book was responsible. 

            I know “the Lamb was slain since the foundations of the world” but it still seems that, though God knew man could never fully make it on his own, he expected us and keeps expecting us to do better than we have done and better than we will probably do.  I have heard people say, and also have gleaned this idea myself from the Old Testament, that Israel was God’s chosen people but also they went meant to bring other people into this God’s People.  They were meant to be a Lighthouse in the world to shine God’s light and bring other people’s to him.  I am not aware of how many “God fearers” and converts to Judaism there were throughout the ages, but from how prejudiced the Jewish people appear in the early parts of the New Testament I think it is safe to say they somewhat failed in being a lighthouse to the world.  I think God hoped more of them, though he knew how things would go.

            I wonder if now God looks at us, his followers and mourns the fact so many of his hopes have not come to be.  He knew how it would be but I can’t help thinking he “hoped against hope” things would be better than they are; that his Children would rise to occasion on all occasions, would grasp at every opportunity to show our appreciation for his love by showing love to others, and would open out arms wide in giving to show our thanks that he has given us so much.  I am not judging everyone, for  I personally know some believers who are giving much of themselves in their efforts to show God’s love, but so many times we do not give our second cloak, so many times we neglect to feed the hungry for some silly reason, so often we sit by while there is work we could be doing.  Christ gave us the power to move mountains for the sake of his cause of showing God unending love and yet instead of moving mountains, we often do not stir a finger to someone in need.

            God expected us to be his mouth, his hands and feet, to be his ambassadors to the world.  He hopes so much we would rise to the occasion and realize what an honor he is attempting to give us, how much faith he has in us to “do him proud.”  God knows we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, so let us try not to let him down.

            I will briefly say some more positive things.  Thank you you thousands and millions of kindhearted, hardworking souls, thank you for so often rising to the occasion and making your Father proud by being the means by which he has blessed and saved millions of people’s lives.  Thank you for the example you have set for us and also for all the good you have done in secret which only God and the one receiving it knows of.  Thank you for fulfilling your calling and being a Lighthouse to the world, for causing eyes to be drawn to the good you have accomplished and so causing eyes and thanks to be lifted u to heaven.

            Thank you, God, for believing so much in us and giving us the honor of bearing your name, your love, and allowing us to often be the means by which you bless this wonderful, dreadful place in which we live.  Thank you for having hope in us and the good we can do, even when we have lost hope in ourselves.  Thank you for not giving up on us; please help us to not give up on ourselves but to remember we have the power which created the universe at our back, just waiting to help us accomplish all that which you mean for us to accomplish.  Thank you for your love and being willing to entrust it to just feeble, twisted beings.  Thank you for being our strength and for untwisting our  souls when we allow you to and that we will one day have a new body that is not wasted from years of sin.  Thank you for your Son; his willingness to live a life in flesh, then to die a horrid death, and for raising him up that we might have the assurance we, too, will one day be raised.       


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