Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | February 9, 2009

I’m just not sure you would understand…

I was riding in the car with Tonya (the administator of the TLC where I’m living/working in Ukraine) to the orphanage we were going to visit and I had some things I wanted to say but I just didn’t think she would understand the sentiment behind them (neither would many Americans, nationality wasn’t the issue).  We stopped at a gas station and a dog came over and looked me in the eyes for a while and I almost said to Tonya, “That dog has very kind eyes;” even though it was skinny and kind of ragged you could tell by it’s eyes that it was probably quite friendly.  Later on I was noticing the trees along the road and I felt like saying, “The trees look sad.”  A whole lot of them seemed to trying to grow towards the ground instead of towards the sky even though they were hardwoods that were not willows.  Even the trees branches, though at the truck it looked like they were trying to grow up, then tired to curve towards the ground…they looked kind of like they were once happy and were now mourning.  I also have 10 spiders in my bathroom that I do not want to kill, I also check on most of them because their interesting and glare at the ones right by the door (I would rather they be on the ceiling will all the others).  Anyway, that is a glimpse into some of my insides and how I think.



  1. wow…..

    we think very much alike.

  2. So, I get what you’re saying about the dog and trees. In a way, the trees sound beautiful…The spiders, though…I’m not usually deathly scared of them or anything, but I wouldn’t be able to stand having 10 in my bathroom…nope. It helps me, though, to know if they’re poisonous or not. Are these? Love you!

  3. no we dont know one another. i just came across your blog while on the site, randomly. your post reminds me alot of my self…thats all. your very interesting yourself =)

  4. i forgot to add you may be interested in checking out my other blog, its

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