Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | January 25, 2009

People there and people here, people everywhere

People, it seems are, well, people, no matter where you are.  It may be a somewhat different culture here in Ukraine and the spoken language may be different but I guess people as a whole are, in some basic ways, the same wherever you may go.  Teens will still be teens; boys will still be boys and tease/be “mean” to those they like and girls will act like they hate it while actually encouraging it (a boy took a girl’s hair clip and she then spent the next half hour chasing and fighting with the boy to get it back).  A room full of people in a comfortable situation also seems to be somewhat the same wherever you may find yourself.  At church last night there was the girl who we all know who is silly, embarrasses herself by talking/giggling too much, acts like she hates the attention and then does something silly a few seconds later to start the whole thing over again.  There was the boy who was goofy and could make everyone laugh (especially that certain silly girl) and was comfortable being, well, goofy.  There are still shy people and outgoing people, serious ones and not so serious ones.  I suppose it is a great comfort to realize, to an extent, you can know what to expect in our human family.  I am also thankful we are not the same in every respect, that the goofy boy and the silly girl are like no other ones of those “types” I have ever met before.

Onto a somewhat different train of thought.  I was reading Anne of Green Gables and a few times Anne knew even before she actually met certain people that those people would be her friends.  I was thinking that I wish that would really happen because it would make things easier.  I forget though, that she also had those people with whom she first thought she would never be friends with, (like Mrs. Rachel) but later became friends after all, though perhaps not “bosom friends.”  After thinking about it, there are those people whom I seemingly like instinctively and, if given opportunities, they do normally become good friends.  There are two girls at the “TLC” (transitional living center) who I just seem to like, even though they have been less, hmm, “friendly” is the wrong word but, well, they’re shy.   The same with the boys, the two youngest are very shy but I think by the time I leave they will be the closest to me.  The youngest one left an orange on the table for me, though he didn’t even try to tell me he had left it there for me (it sat on the table almost all day until the administrator finally told me I was intended to have it and who had given it).  Also, his older brother, once I got to church, got enough courage to lead me to where he was sitting so I could sit with him (on the very front row).  I guess I am always somewhat drawn to the more shy and quiet people “right off the bat,” I suppose it is because I can understand their quietness.  Perhaps this is unfair to compare people to pets but, after all, I have a very great love for pets, but with pets I am somewhat the same way; if someone has an “outgoing” pet and a “shy” pet, I try to make friends with the shy one more than the outgoing one.  Maybe I like the challenge.  Also, often shy people/animals have a particular kind of sweetness to them.  I am afraid I have to leave it at that, because I have no idea how to describe what I mean.

To my outgoing friends, you know I love you dearly and shy people are not always my favorite…it’s just, if I am to be honest, at first you outgoing ones may have intimidated me a little and shy people do not/perhaps cannot do that.

Love to all and God’s blessings,



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