Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | December 4, 2008


So, I didn’t come out with this on Thanksgiving…I’m not very good with dates and besides my family even had Thanksgiving on the “wrong” day.

I’m thankful that I have parents who support me in my decisions, even when I say I’m going to do one thing for 5 years (become a psychologist and work with girls who have eating disorders) and then turn around, after all that time, and say I want to do something else (travel the world and serve).  I’m thankful I have parents who pray for me everyday.  I’m thankful I have a mom who tries to keep in touch with me even though I’m horrible at staying in touch.  I’m thankful that I have siblings who love me and that one of them has found a spouse we loves all of us in the family (even though we’re a little weird).  I’m thankful for my beautiful, adorable niece and that she can/is learning so many new things.

I’m thankful for Shelby and Matt Reed and that they remain my friends and think a lot of me even though they know some of my darkest secrets.  I’m thankful for Aaron Brown and that he wants me and Shelby and Matt and everybody to be the best person and Christian we can be.  I’m thankful for how goofy those three guys can sometimes be and that they help remind me that it’s okay to have fun and to not take life too seriously.

I’m thankful for my friends Hali and Katie and that they both stayed friends and eventually became even better friends even after I tried to date them. 🙂  I’m thankful that they were honest with me so I could move on and become good friends with them.  I am thankful for them and Megan because, frankly, I get along really well with girls and I just don’t feel right if I don’t hang out with girls every once in a while…or more like fairly often. 🙂  I’m thankful they each give me more respect and think a lot more of me than I deserve and that when I stop to appreciate that, it causes me to want to be better than I am.  I’m thankful God blessed Megan with a wonderful spouse with whom I get along and that he is a great guy.

I’m thankful I get along with the guys I’m living with and that one of them puts up with our bugging him all the time.

I’m thankful for the other friends I have as well, even though I’m not that great at hanging out or keeping in touch with them.

I’m thankful God made nature unnecessarily beautiful, that he loves us so much he would do that and that he is such an artist that he cares about such things.  (I’m thankful for the word “that” because I use it a lot, oftentimes too much.)  I’m thankful I have a camera with which I can capture that beauty and share it with others.

I’m thankful God’s not through with me yet, that he loves me enough to want me to change and gave his Son to cover that which I cannot ever change.  I’m thankful he is such a God that he would use such a one as I and hase blessed me with the opportunity to go serve him in Ukraine.  I’m thankful for all the prayers going up for me concerning my upcoming trip and for the support that had come in and will continue to come in.

Now to end with some more lowly things.  I am thankful I have a car that mostly works, even though I don’t take good care of it; I’m very thankful for books and for the minds who can take me to other worlds or reveal things about the one we live in; I’m thankful for movies and that some of them are entertaining and the friends I have to watch them with.

I’m sure I could go on and I know I left things out but I will end it now.  Okay, not quite yet, one last thing:  I am thankful we serve a God who listens to our prayers and who loves us well enough to someday take us Home to a place where we will be made to understand all the things we here cannot comprehend and that there we’ll realize God made it all, somehow, work for the ultimate good.



  1. thanks.
    i’m happy to have you as a friend as well.

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