Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | October 7, 2008

Worry for our country but hope for the Church, some odd or not so odd thoughts I’ve had

I have heard many Christians worry about our country and the path it seems to be going down, worry about the government and what it may do to religion (and Christianity in particular) in the future.  First, I will say a simple, pat statement; do not worry about the Church too much, it is not ours, it is God’s and he will not let it fall.  By saying that I do not mean bad things will not happen and that we will not be persecuted but that, if the Church is what we think it is, it will continue no matter what man’s and satan’s evil plans may be.

Now for the hope.  People speak of our government someday being against the Church as a horrid thing, and I used to think, when that day comes, I will simply run away to another place where I can live in peace.  But after having thought about it some more, I have realized some things.  The day we begin to be heavily persecuted in this place is going to be an exciting time, hmm, maybe that it not the write word, it is going to be an eventful time and growing time for the Church.  For a while the Church may decrease and not grow in numbers but, at the same time, faith is going to be growing in those whom are sincere.  It will be a time of sorting, sorting out those who are willing to die for their faith and truly willing go live in and for their faith.  We will be able to taste our faith, to feel it, and see it for it will truly be our strength and hope.  God will be more our Father because it is He who we will have to run to for comfort and strength and peace.  Heaven will be all the more closer, for it may reside just around the corner.

There have been times in the past when I have prayed, almost begged, for a physical evil to fight instead of the quiet whispers of evil which sneak around my head; I have been envious of Caspian and the dangers he faced, for he actually could face them, he could look them in the face and know what it is he is fighting.  If things get bad it would not be as in those books, we would not take up the sword and face our enemies, but our physical and spiritual worlds would more closely collide and in so doing make our faith more tangible (I am sorry but sometimes my faith seems so distant).

I have a hard time thinking such a “horrid” future as horrid because, if we allow it, it could be a time of major unification in the Church.  I think we would have a harder time judging a fellow Christian who may be a little different from us, when we look them in the eyes and see their willingness to die for their faith.  In having a terrible common enemy against us, I think we would better remember who our brothers and sisters are.  I am not saying there would no longer be differences, but that we would perhaps, hopefully, learn to more peacefully get along and love each other despite those differences.  Hmm, in these days I have a couple things that are accepted by some in the Church that I would have a very hard time condoning, for I believe in Absolute Truth and that the Bible is very clear on a few things man has tried to make blurry, but that is for another time and another post, if I have the courage enough to ever write it.

I said the Church may decrease in numbers for awhile, because many or some may leave or forsake the Church, but, after a while, even while the persecution is still going on, it will grow.  Look and remember how the Church grew in the New Testament while terrible things were going on, think of those places even today where the Church is growing despite persecution.

I spoke earlier of my maybe running as if it would be a bad thing, and it would be a bad thing if we all ran and forsook this country, but we can also look at it as spreading.  Christians left certain places in the New Testament times to escape persecution, but they did not leave their Christianity behind, they took it with them and spread it to the whole world.  One could think of it as a somewhat forced mass missionary movement.

I think I have shared enough of my crazy thoughts.  I will just say, yes, it is sad our country may fall into disarray and evil but “the Son also rises” and will continue to rise until the end of time.  With our help God will take care of the Truth and His Message and no matter how opposed and oppressed it may be, the Church will go on and He will even cause it to be stronger because of it.

God be with us all, may he give us the faith and strength and courage to face tomorrow, whatever it may bring.



  1. i like your new picture.

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