Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | October 6, 2008

Sharing a little of me…this was started like a month ago

One of my friends has told me I have a unique way of looking at Faith and religion, other friends have told me I view the world in a unique way.  I see beauty almost everywhere; I see things which cause me to marvel at almost every turn, if I am paying attention; my heart cries and my brow furrows in frustration at things it seems others do not even notice.  I want to share these things with someone, I want to share my life and how I experience the world with someone I love…and I know I am well loved by many people but, as of yet, I have found no one to share these things to the extent that I wish to share them.  Maybe it’s a sign, maybe it has always been a sign, I’m not supposed to share these things with only one person; maybe God does want me to try to publish a book so I can share these things with the world.  Until then, I will try to be content in sharing these things with my friends and those who happen to stumble across my writings and my pictures.  Thank you, certain friends, for wanting me to share so much, thank you for being interested and giving me what you can of yourselves, even though it does not always satisfy me.

I was hiking with some friends yesterday and the girl who was with us would fall behind or wander a little bit every once in a while.  After doing this one time she said to us, “Sorry guys, I’m a looker.”  I actually knew exactly what she meant, but I still joined in the teasing her a little bit and saying she was vain.  If the put the normal meaning of that word aside, it describes quite well what the girl was trying to convey.  She likes to stop and look at things, look at the moss, or a leaf, or tree.  I’m that way, too, although I would also have to add, “I’m a feeler, a smeller, a hearer, and taster (sometimes I taste things I probably shouldn’t).”  This friend also really likes moss and one of the other friends who was with me wishes he could use moss as carpet someday.  Have you ever taken the time to feel moss, to notice the different kinds and textures each of them have?  There is one that most of it lies close to the ground  but it has little, soft whiskers that rise above the rest of it.  You know, I don’t feel like sharing about this right now.  This post is very disjointed, ah well.


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