Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | September 16, 2008

The up side of an over-developed sense of empathy

This is long overdue, it was started soon after going to my friend, Megan’s wedding.  I feel I should finish it. It kind of goes along with the post concerning how I feel others pain and fear for them.

After this weekend I feel I should share that I do not only experience unpleasant emotions because of others, but also the pleasant ones.  One of my very best and dearest friends got married this weekend in Indiana.  I had to drive 9 hours by myself to get there.  I’m not sure 9 hours of a trip have ever passed more quickly for me.  You see, I was excited, exstatic, and so happy for my friend.  It was almost like my whole being was radiating happiness, and it was all because of the happiness of my friend.  I got there on Thur. so I could help with decorating and such.  The feeling of happiness lasted my whole weekend, it even helped to shorten the trip home a little.  “Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep” because we are human and we can; God has made us to where we can be so intertwined in others lives, if we allow ourselves to be, that we can share in their sorrows and thier joys.  What amazing things relationships are and what an awesome blessing.


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