Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | September 8, 2008

Christian Love: the real thing

I need to apologize for my last post, what I said was true but in my frustration I neglected to tell the whole story.  I was reminded of what else I could have told today while I was at church.  What I didn’t say about last week is that when the girl told of how her family disowned her; well, as she was talking about 30 people surrounded her in love and let her know they were her family, too.  And based on how I’ve seen the members of my church act in the past to those who have opened themselves up to be loved, they are truly loved and welcomed into homes and lives.  And when the other guy was telling his story, most of the members applauded his efforts and the fact that he didn’t back down from what he had seen and learned.  Today I guy shared that in the recent past he has struggled with drinking and being addicted to porn, he shared how he is allowing the Lord to help him overcome those things.  This guy was partly confessing but really what he was doing was giving a testimony and trying to inspire others.  The fact that he was comfortable enough to share those things says something about the environment of the congregation I attend.  Three of the elders stopped this guy as he was walking back to his chair to hug him and whisper words of encouragement and appreciation to him for sharing his story.  Three other girls confessed/asked for prayers and each of them were surrounded by a cloud of brothers and sisters.  The congregation I attend doesn’t do everything right and some of the things that happen there sometimes annoy me, but it is a family, a family of God…and it shows.  “A cord of three strands is not easily broken,” a cord made up of a whole congregation is that much stronger, there are many willing people to reach out their hands when you fall; that part, at least, is how it ought to be.  Thank you Covenant Fellowship for seeking to love as Christ loved and opening your arms to sinners instead of pushing them away.  Thank you Christ and our Father for loving us and trying to teach us how to love.


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