Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | September 1, 2008

The words, “I’m sorry”

Those words don’t really mean too much to be.  I forgive people whether I hear them or not and, because my memory is so bad, I’m even pretty good about “forgive and forget” (one of the few blessings of an aweful memory).  I’m not really concerned about hearing the words “I’m sorry,”  I would rather you just live out your apology by not doing the thing again which caused  you to feel that  you should say those words.  Hmm, I guess I’m not very good at actually saying the words, “I forgive you,” because I would rather just keep treating the person the same as if nothing happened.  I suppose some people would rather hear those words than see them acted out, or they may think just the acting them out is not enough.  I suppose I should tell a certain friend I forgive them, in case such is the case with them.  I think it is quite amusing and fascinating that words are so powerful, you would think I give them a lot of credence because I so enjoy writing…perhaps it is because I am very much an introvert, but when it comes to face to face contact I guess I like the nonverbal stuff more.  Or maybe it is because part of my “language of love” is action oriented.


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