Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | September 1, 2008

Christian “Love”

A freshman got up in church on Sunday and shared that over the summer she shared with her family what she believed…they disowned her.  I’m fairly sure her family is made up of “Christians.”  Let’s just say it angered me a little.  No matter what kind of “Christians” they are, even if her beliefs are different, especially if her beliefs are different, shouldn’t you keep loving that person to see if you could “change them back” to the correct beliefs?  I mean, if you are living out the love of Christ, instead of turning from a family member, or anyone for that matter, shouldn’t you instead try to understand them and, if after having done that, you still think they are mistaken, shouldn’t you try to teach them the correct way in love and, in so doing, try to win their soul? I should have done research concerning this before I created a post for it but I didn’t.  I know Paul talks of how you should disfellowship someone if they are persisting in a sinful way of life, but even that is an act of love and you’re trying to get them to come back to you, not drive them away forever (literally).  Oh, also another guy got up and told of how he shared at his church some of the things he had witnessed during his mission trip to Africa.  The elders of his church then took him aside, told him those things couldn’t have happened, and told him he could never speak in that church again.  People, I understand there are different views of things, and I also understand there are some things that are, without a doubt (at least in my head and it would appear the Bible supports me) wrong, but we should always treat one another with respect.  I’m not sure how that congergation should have handled it, maybe plan another trip and have a well respected member go to see if what the young man said is true.  They were pretty much telling him to take it back and admit that those things he saw didn’t really happen.  Ah well, such is the satan-screwed-up world we live in.  “Love one another as I have loved you.”  To those moral relativists, that does not mean “Live and let live.”  But rather, bring others into the Truth, for Truth there is indeed, so they can partake in God’s un-ending love.  Love does not mean you let your loved one get away with anything; but that you love them even when they do mess up, even when they’re wrong and that you want what is best for them (not what is happiest, but best in the eternal scheme of things).  I’m straying and jumping so I shall go.


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