Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | August 28, 2008

The Stars

This is another poem I wrote the other day right after I wrote the one about the sun.

The Stars

The stars appear so small

And yet how many soldiers have looked upon them and seen new hope

They can scarcely light your path

And yet they have guided countless sailors home

The stars are so distant, so very far away

And yet they have touched millions of children’s faces with a smile

When the children look upon them to make a secret wish

The stars sometimes seem so foreign and so cold

They do not belong to this world but somewhere far away

And yet sometimes when I look at them they seem so familar

Like they are singing a song my heart has long forgot

Perhaps it is because their foreignness, but they draw my spirit out of me

They cause it to rise from the earth and dance in joy with them

The stars whisper to me stories long forgot by man

Stories of how the earth was made

And how God would walk with man

They tell some things so slyly as to make my heart long for something I have never seen

To think, “I miss seeing the face of God”

Maybe the stars have seen His face

And reflect some of His glory all the way to here

They cause us to hope, and long, and to remember

Remember when we were young and perfectly walked with Him


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