Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | August 27, 2008

The Sun

The Sun

The Sun slowly drifts toward the earth

Losing the battle to fight stay aloft

Losing the battle to fight off the dark and damp and cold

Despite its struggles the Sun sinks to the earth

Despite its struggles it cannot remain

With one last effort to fight the dark

With one desparate effort before he falls

The Sun spills his own blood

The Sun spills his light from his body, his head, his every hair erupts with it

His blood bursts forth and bathes the sky

His blood bursts forth, spraying the horizon with light and color

He cries in pain as his life ebbs away

He cries in frustration because he knows he cannot stop the dark

But in his eyes there’s hope

In his eyes there’s a set resolve

With one last gargantuan effort he beats his heart

With one last effort his blood fills the skies with colors and with light

He uses the dark to his advantage

He uses the dark to make him beautiful

And in his beauty he yells a last battle cry

In his beauty he shouts a promise to man and to the dark

“For now I die and pass away”

“For now I die, but tomorrow I shall rise again”

In spilling his blood he hoped to make man remember him

In spilling his blood he hoped to pour his beauty into the eye of man

To cause man to hope, to remember all does not end in darkness

To cause man to think, though darkness appears to win


Tomorrow it will lose and in a shout of glory

The Sun will rise again



  1. great metaphors, great image

    our dark nights are filled with promise


  2. I miss you Jared.

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