Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | August 26, 2008

satan’s armor: given “free” of charge (a poem)

Self-made darkness

Created for one

Made by one

Just what I ordered

Just what I should expect

Blinders, custom made to fit

They block out Light and Truth

Exactly what I needed

It’s just what I always wanted

A set of iron mittens

Guranteed to keep your hands in fists

No one can hold you by the hand

Or help you up when you fall

One heart-shaped stone case

Never let your heart be broke

No one can touch it

Or cause you to feel any pain

This is armor

Not of God

But of satan

And he offers it free of charge

You’ll never squint your eyes in discomfort

Never be confused by “Light” or “Truth”

You can keep your fearsome independence intact

You never have to be hurt again

Of course

satan doesn’t tell you,

You Were Made for Light

Doesn’t tell you the “Truth shall set you free”

And with the Light, perfect understanding will come in time

satan forgot to tell you,

In giving up your freedom

God gives you wings to fly

Returns to you more freedom than you ever had before

He somehow negelcted to tell you,

In opening your heart to God

That, yes, God may break it

But he will put it back together again

With more capacity to feel love and passion

And also more capacity to accept love and comfort

That you will develop an everlasting joy


And did he tell you

That in the end

his armor turns to dust

Leaving you naked, broken, and alone

So put on the armor of God

And God will give you strength to wear it well

He will give you the courage and perseverance you need 

To wear it like a king or queen

Until, One Day, that is what you’ll be

On that Day you can lay all armor aside

And be revealed in all your beauty

As the radiant creature God has always meant for you to be


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