Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | August 18, 2008


These thoughts are brought to you thanks to Fortner (that man makes me think more than almost anyone else).

“Sha’lom is not the absence of the dark, but the presence of God which neutralizes those things.” – Fortner  The rest of this is paraphrased, and even the quote isn’t exact.  Sha’lom does not simply mean “peace,” it means things are as they should be.  Not that everything is going well and that there are no storms but that the connection between Heaven and earth are as they should be, our lives are connected to God as they should be; so, even in the storms, we have peace and joy.

Now me: there is a song by Ginny Owens which has a line within it that has always stuck in my head, “He  [Christ] never said it would be easy, he only said I’d never go alone.”  Christ never said it would be easy, rather, he even promised persecution and hardships.  But Christ also promised a constant “connection” between Heaven and here, he promised a Comforter who would strengthen, comfort and guide.

So, I say Sha’lom to you my brothers and sisters.  May your eyes be strong as they ever look toward heaven; may they be sure though they look through clouds and rain, hail and the threatening darkness.  May you ever see the ray of Light shining down on you, and also look inside yourself to find the Light that’s dwelling there.  Though a flood be raging round you, may you remember you are anchored to the Rock which does not, cannot move.  When the water sweeps over your head and you think that you may drown, may you remember your feet are sure and the Breath which brought the universe to being is breathing life into your lips, into your very soul.  May your heart ever be open to the Spirit so all will be as it should be, with you connected to God and he holding you in his strong, firm, gentle, teaching hands.


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