Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | July 28, 2008


Smiles are wonderful things but they are also one of the easiest means by which we lie.  I was walking to work this morning, in a very brooding mood, with my eyebrows knit together in concentration, when a lady stopped me to ask for directions.  I instantly smiled politely, especially when she said something “witty,” and told her where to go…honestly, I didn’t feel like smiling and, because of that, I feel I was conveying something about myself which was not true. 

Now on to smiles in general.  My mother has told me many times something along the lines of, “Smile, because you don’t know who’s watching; someone may be falling in love with your smile.”  And she also has told me to smile when I am on the phone because you can “hear” someone’s smile in their voice.  In the book I’m reading right now, New Moon, one of the main characters often talks about how her boyfriend’s smiles do not “touch his eyes.”  With some people, their eyes do not make too much difference in their smiles but others, when a smile reaches to their eyes, it’s like the stars, in all their glory, are shining forth from their eyes.  This type of people’s eyes sparkle and even sometimes when their mouth is not smiling, their eyes “dance with mirth” and smile on their own. 

I just think it’s fascinating how such a simple action can convey so much, can change someone so much, can add so much beauty to someone’s face.  I love how smiles can help to convey how happy you are to see someone; how, when two have been separated for a time, a smile can say so many things, “I missed you,” “I love you and am glad you’re safe and home,” “I adore you,” and so many other things as well.

Certain smiles I have seen will be an eternal blessing, remembered forever and always. 

To those of you who have given me and others real, sincere smiles, I thank you; thank you for allowing light to stream from your eyes and chase away the gloom another may be feeling.  Thank you for your smiles.


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