Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | July 22, 2008


I went to a birthday party last night, it was quite lovely with it many kinds of fruits and there was crackers, cheese, and a very yummy punch.  The people were also lovely, the girls and friends of “Housewood” are some of my favorite stylists when it comes to clothing and sometimes hair.  Anyway, this party made me realize and aware of something, laughter is a great equalizer.  After being around so much laughter for the evening, I noticed soemthing in the now and looked back to the past to remember other laughters I have heard.  Laughter, if it is deep, real, and sincere comes in all “shapes and sizes” and most of the time the “shape and size” does not match the producer of said laugh.  I have heard beautiful and small people fill a room with their low and massive laughter and also heard huge males giggle “like a girl.”  I have seen lovely faces contorted and, if one did not know the reason behind the contortions (a sense of humor recognizing a funny thing in the world around them), then one could perhaps say, “That is a very groutesque face.”  I have heard laughs that almost sound like gasps for air or choking.   Instead of thinking these things groutesque, because it is laughter, I often think it is adorable and endearing.  Back to the “equalizer” idea, when someone truly laughs it means their defenses are down, you see how silly and, in a way, how helpless they can be.  I suppose though, it is always the extremes of human emotion which bind people closer together, break down boundaries, and unite people who would never otherwise have held each other in their arms or lovingly slap each other on the knee or back.  Tears, that seems to be the common bond which most shows us that each and every one of us are, in fact, human.  Tears of laughter, tears of joy, tears of sorrow or of pain, it is in these times when we feel connected to others around us, whether they be strangers or our kin.


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