Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | July 4, 2008

Concerning Heaven and gazing at the King

People sometimes look at Revelation and think or say, “If that is what Heaven is going to be like, then I really am not looking forward to going there.” Most of the time this is not referring to the physical attributes of Heaven but rather the seemingly eternal singing and praise. Now, I think there is going to be a lot more to Heaven than this, what we have in Revelation is merely a human attempt to illustrate a glimpse, a moment into something that is beyond imagination and comprehension.  Onto my point, or what I really intended to write about. Let us say gazing at God is all we will do once we are in Heaven, let us say uttering praise to Him is all we will do. At first glance and thought this appears, well, like it would get boring after a few “thousand years” (how will we measure time when there is none? how will it pass? I would rather not attempt to think about it for it will drive me mad).  If we dive into this idea a little deeper, we see that it may not be as “bad” as it first appears.  Think back to the times (or perhaps presently is now one of those times) when you have been deeply in love with someone…okay, first I will say perhaps this will ring more true with guys because we are more visual, but maybe girls will be able to relate, too.  Remember that time, how simply fascinated you were with the person, intrigued by them, even by things which would bore others to death who were not in love with this person.  I remember when I loved a particular girl I could sit and just watch her hands, moving or not, for I thought her hands were beautiful. I enjoyed studying her feet, noticing how her toes were shaped and what nailpolish she had on. I could look “forever” at her smile and delight in realizing how different parts of her face were altered with her smile.  I felt all this towards someone whom I was not even lovers with, she was “just” a friend whom I adored (and was in love with at the time).  I know these sentiments are not unique only to me, for I have heard others express similar sentiments.  Now, think for a moment about the implications of these things, think who created the one you love and admire, think of the one who cratfed the beauty which you cannot tear your eyes from.  God is the being who crafted and created, He is the one from whom all beauty streams; His face is the inspiration for the face you would die for, the hands you would live for, the feet you would spare by carrying when they are sore, the inspiration for all those lovely things came from Himself.  His beauty is neverending, uncomprehensible, everchanging because it is always creating, He is a being who is so vast He fills the universe and even lies outside of it.  God is a being whose face is so beautiful, so bright and wonderful, that, were you to see it in your present imperfected sate, you would die at the wonder and awe of it. Now, this is the Being you will be looking at in Heaven, will be praising forever.  I think there will be other things to do in Heaven other than staring at our Maker’s face, but I think it will be Him who has to remind us of those things and not us who will desire to look away.


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