Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | July 4, 2008

A “darker” God

I know “darker” may not be the best word to use because sin and, well, “darker things” are associated with that word, but I think this is the word which best describes what I mean.  Goodness, I just realized how much of my belief system I am going to have to expose in order to write this post and, frankly, I am hesitant to do it.  First I will say, through prayer, I believe miracles of healing and such still take place.  Why do I believe this?  Because I have many friends who have seen them take place and they would not lie about such things (my opinion of them is such that I believe they would not lie about much else either).  I also believe these miracles do not happen as often in the U.S. as some other places in the world because, honestly, we’re just too dang scientific to allow them to take place and, even if they do take place, we always try to explain them away through naturalistic means.  This post will have some similar things in it as were in my facebook posts concerning the suffering of a friend, so sorry about that.  With all of this said; keeping in mind I do believe in miracles, I will say I believe in a “darker” God than some of my friends seems to believe in, one who allows suffering to take place and uses it as one of his greatest tools in shaping us into what he wants us to be, what we were meant to be.  He is a God who, even if you have the faith to move a mountain, will not always take away your pain or others pain when you ask him to.  When you see a lame man or a blind man and pray for his healing, God will not always heal the physical illness for God may be using that physical infirmity to heal a much deeper spiritual infirmity in this person’s soul or someone’s soul whom is close to him.  Dr. Fortner pointed out a couple of Sundays ago the reason Jesus often asked the question, “What do you want from me,” which had a seemingly obvious answer, “To be healed of my blindness,” or “To walk again,” etc., he was really asking, “Do you want me to heal your body or heal that which really needs to be healed, your broken spirit?”  Perhaps God will not even use the physical infirmity or mental/emotional suffering for healing but maybe merely for refining the individual who has it.  One who has a child chronically ill may build a wonderful reliance on God which otherwise would and could not happen.  Or someone who has a dearest friend die may realize how very precious life is and how fleeting; and so spend their life oh so much more dearly and usefully and beautifully, winning many souls in the process and enriching an untold amount of lives.  So to those who pray for miracles and have faith enough to cause them to happen, remember you still have eyes of flesh,  eyes that only see glimpses of spiritual reality, and fleshly ears which only hear whispers of what God is accomplishing in people’s hearts.  Sometimes your physical healing will not take place and your dead will not raise but a grander miracle than you can imagine may be taking place inside the person’s heart, and a living persons soul may be rising from the edge of hell because of your prayers for someone that person loves.  Pray for miracles and expect them, but also pray for spiritual “senses” and faith to trust that God knows what he is doing with our short lives here on earth; for a life filled with even exquisite, horrific suffering while on this earth will be remembered with peace and a feeling of “so that is why it had to happen as it did” once the individual is in Heaven.  I feel I should end by pointing out, I do not think God causes most of our suffering; much of it is caused by our actions, the fact we live in a fallen place and have free will, and that satan will try to hurt, twist, and pull us from God any way he can.



  1. i think its funny that when you were writing this exhortation about God allowing suffering, I was killing thousands of chinese soldiers mercilessly.

  2. Very Good post! I think we have a similiar view of God.

  3. His miracles are real…I’m living proof and have witnessed others firsthand…

    Good insight…His work too often goes un-noticed, as our sights are too often set in the wrong direction. Looking inward, we can see much more–and witness His true healing miracles take place…

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