Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | June 24, 2008

Kindred Spirits, those alike and those who complete…a poem, of sorts

Twice I have met myself

dwelt in another body

Two times I have let them fade away from me

I have also met my opposite

in temperment and sex

She has moved away from me

but in my heart she’s near

They say devided between two good friends lies one soul

but are the two halves of this soul alike

or does what one half lacks dwell in the other body

When I met my kindred soul

I was delighted for awhile

but then the very sameness

somewhat devided us apart

for I already knew both them and their soul

because they are like me

But when I met my opposite

our soul more closely alighed

For though we are not alike

I suppose our soul missed that which it did not have

and delighted in finding a part of itself dwelling in another

Twice I have met myself

The “half” of me I already had

Once I have met my other half

And hope to never be torn

From the friendship which allows my soul to learn aspects I would otherwise have never known


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