Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | June 24, 2008

“A great cloud of witnesses,” it’s pure speculation, but here are my thoughts

A song we sang tonight (okay, it was actually now a couple weeks ago) at devotional made some thoughts pass through my head and now I wish to share them. What if “eternity” hasn’t begun yet, that the scene of heaven shared in Revelation is not yet occurring. I guess I am of the school of thought that Revelation does not depict all of what Heaven will be anyway, so whether that eternity exists right now or not is irrelevant to what I wish to say.  I’m not even sure if we go straight to heaven after we die or to a “Paradise” type in-between place to wait for judgment day. Whether in heaven or not, I think God would be glad to allow a “great cloud of witnesses” to cheer us on.  I re-read the passage concerning the “cloud of witnesses” and, to me, it somewhat sounds like it is just referring to the fact that the “Old Ones” lives are a witness to our lives of faith now. Their lives are a witness to God’s promise keeping. But I think it very possible that there could be a cloud of witnesses watching our lives, cheering us towards heaven.  After all, not only does God desperately want for us to be saved, but I am sure that those who are saved want nothing more than for their loved ones and even strangers and enemies to be saved as well; for, once their eyes have been cleaned of their earthly vision, they see how precious every soul is.  So when you feel alone and hopeless remember not only God is watching every breath you take but also the ones who have gone before are watching you, are speaking directly (I suppose you could still call it praying) to Christ’s face concerning you and all you are going through.  When you read Paul’s letter, he is hoping you learn the lessons he meant to convey; when you dive into Luke’s gospel and Acts he is hoping all his research helps to add certainty to your faith; when you read all the Scripture Matthew quoted in his gospel, he is praying you realize the Grand Story that has been playing out since before time began and realize you have the honor of being one of God’s characters in that story.  Those written of throughout the Bible are saying to you, “Look and learn from our lives, see our imperfections and our frailties, and what God accomplished through us despite of and because of our weaknesses.  We hope we inspire you, encourage you, and give you hope.  We are eagerly awaiting our Family to come Home.”



  1. i don’t think the world deserves you.

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