Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | June 23, 2008

On helping our imperfections come to Light

I think “selective blindless” is very odd. I am referring to the ability to not see faults in the one we love, in which that can sometimes be a blessing or a curse. I am also referring to self-blindness, perhaps it is again because of love, self-love, and this love allows us not to see all the faults in ourselves. Some other time I will discuss the “blindness” which occurs in love, because I have some things I would wish to say of it, but now I will only talk of the blindness which blinds us to ourselves. It is a funny thing, a friend offerred to do me a big favor, a wonderful favor, and because of this intended good I discovered in myself a pride that I had forgotten that I have. You see, I hate asking for help, I somewhat knew this of myself but I thought I was getting better at accepting help. When my friend offered his help, without me even asking, I discovered further that I do not only dislike asking for help, I also dislike being offerred help. This is a major problem, for God has created us to rely on each other and, even more importantly, rely on Him. I don’t like relying on others, I like to depend upon myself; even though I know, and cannot even begin to deny that, in many aspects of my life I cannot make it on my own, I need the help of my fellow man and the power of God himself. Since beginning this post a few days ago and now, my friend has done the favor which he offerred to do. I am very thankful and I like the way he went about it. Now, not only have I received a wonderful blessing in the form of him rendering me this favor, I have also learned more about myself, seen some of my pride, brought it to light and examined it, and, hopefully, can now begin to do away with it. You know, perhaps one of the reasons God wants me to go on the “mission field” for awhile is not only because of the good I will do while there but also because, while I am there, I am going to have to completely rely on others for my livelihood (in the form of support from churches and individuals). Oh, what a wonderful God we have, one who will go to such extremes to teach us the lessons we need to know in order for us to be able to spend eternity with him. God, help me to have a open heart that is willing to accept and learn the lessons you are continuely trying to teach me. God help us all.


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