Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | June 13, 2008

God’s Astonishing Hope

I believe God “hopes against hope” (I like that phrase but it also somewhat confuses me) when he thinks of us. We so often ask God why certain things happen; why people are starving or cold, lost or confused with the meaninglessness of their lives. We ask God why that certain child doesn’t have a home or that widow we have heard of has to go without bread. Well, God directs some questions back at us. “Why do you not give your cloak to the freezing and invite them into sit by your fire? Why do you not share your food with those who are hungery? Why are you not more excited about the Purpose you have found and why are you so hesitant to share it with others? Why do you not give a home to an orphan or help them to find a home with people who are praying for that very child to be their own? Why do you not care for widows as my first born Son did, and give them hope, sustenece, and love?” You see, God, for whatever reason (maybe because he made us and thus knows our potential), has elected us as his hands and feet in this world. Yes, he is ever present here but he wishes to work through us; for us to so give ourselves to him so as to be extensions of himself. We ask why he seems absent, why he seems far away and uncaring, and forget that he is in us, looking out through our eyes, not understanding why the hands he sees are not doing his bidding as he wants them to do. God expects us to change the world, to bathe it in love, to be as bright as the sun in proclaiming Truth and Life through the way we live our lives. Why, you ask, why does he expect so much of us? Because he knows us, and when you say to yourself, “I can’t do those things, I can’t be what he wants me to be,” just remember, he knows you better than you know yourself. No, you cannot do these things on your own, you cannot have the power to uplift a mountain with your bare hands by your own power; but God is not just looking through your eyes, if you ask him, you will also have his power, the power that made the universe will be coursing through your veins. With God you can do amazing things! With his power you can be the answer to innumerable prayers and be the imbodiment of Light to those who are in darkness. So God hopes against hope, ignores what we so often think of oursleves and fellow man, looks deep inside of each one of us and sees a creature of untold power, swiftness, beauty and light that is waiting to do his bidding in this place that is calling, sometimes unknowingly, for Him.


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