Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | June 8, 2008

Umm, a creative writing thingy.

A small creature of the night comes out from among the dark, dark trees.  The creature’s eyes take up a large portion of its face so it can see in  blackness.  The creature is not sure why it has ventured forth from the darkening shelter of the branches, but something has called to it, onto the prairie which stretches as far as the eye can see.

The creature journeys long, traveling by night and digging into the ground by day to escape the blinding light of the sun.  The creature has been so accustomed to the near pitch blackness of night under the trees that the moon sometimes freezes it in fright, and on cloudless nights the tiny stars glare like spotlights in its eyes.

The creature does not really know where it is going, oftentimes is not aware of the feeling inside it which drives it on and on, often does not know the very stars it sometimes hates are helping to guide it towards whatever force is drawing the creature to the center of the prairie.

Many nights of traveling later, the creature finally knows it is there, whatever has called it forth from its life of darkness, wherever the stars have been prompting it to go, the creature has arrived.  Something feels strange, the night is comfortable, almost as dark as back home among the darkening trees and the creature is at peace.  Then the stars begin to shine, one by one, as they come out from behind the clouds.  The creature begins to feel a little uneasy but also still has the slight sense of peace at having finally come to the end of this strange journey.  Then the cursed moon drifts slowly out from behind a cloud, even worse, it is a full moon.  Still the creature stays, for the small part inside of it which has bid the creature come so far is telling it this is one of the reasons why it has come.

Instead of keeping its eyes opened as the stars came out one by one, the creature mostly kept its eyes closed; and instead of allowing its eyes to grow accustomed to the light of the moon as the moon slowly drifted out from behind the cloud, the creature largely hid its head.  The creature did not allow the feeling inside it to guide it, did not heed the promptings to look at the stars, gaze at the moon, for that is the reason you have come here, to grow used to this light so you will be ready for what comes after.

Then, fast as lightening descends from a cloud, the sun appeared in the sky and descended to the earth to stop directly in front of the creature.

The sun, in all its blazing, terrifying glory, has come down from the sky to stand in front of this timmid creature of the night.

How do you think this creature of darkness responded to this reality, being unaccustomed to even the twinkle of the stars?

For a moment the creature stared in terrified shock, so frozen with fright that it could not even close its eyes, though the sun was blinding in its brightness.  Then a scream escapes the creature’s throat so filled with pain and terror the stars shudder in their flight.  The sun reaches out a comforting hand and a look of great concern, love and sorrow is planted on its face.  But the outstretched arm only scares the creature more, to have a beam of light reaching towards it is too much; it turns tail and runs and runs and runs.   The creature runs, hoping to find the blackness, runs for the shelter of the darkening trees, runs as fast and hard as it can.

I do not know if my story accurately conveys what I wished, but this was my intent.  We are creatures of darkness, with eyes twisted and morphed by the world until we can “see” in the chaos of this place.  Through our lives, we are turned from creatures of innocence and Light (or Truth) into something far different.  The Bible talks of how those who reject God will be separated from him, will be cast into darkness.  Yes, this is a punishment, for we were created to be in the Light, to be with God, but also, in a twisted way, this is also God being merciful.  Our souls, we who are bathed in Christ’s blood, will have new eyes, pure eyes, and faces likened unto our Savior’s face.  When we see God’s face it will be through eyes that are unashamed, eyes made for Heaven and the brightness of that place.  We will have spent a part of our lives being stars, echoes of the Sun, gazing at other stars.  We will have spent time with the Moon (Spirit) inside of us, preparing and shaping us for what is to come.  But the others, those who have rejected the stars and moon and sun, their eyes will see God’s face and in his face will see all that they are not.  They will see their blackness, because it will be contrasted with his light; they will see his righteousness and be remembering all the things that, finally, they realize were wrong to do; in him their imperfections will be made known; they shall see the face of God and die, for they will realize they have never truly lived.  Just as supreme ugliness sometimes wishes to hide itself when near beauty, so a twisted soul will wish to flee perfection, because when the two are side by side, it is then ones knows how truly imperfect the imperfect is.  And so the creature of the night flees into darkness, is left to the horror of itself but does not fully realize its horridness because it is no longer in the Light.  Whenever I picture a soul not wrapped in the robe of Christ’s blood coming into the presence of God, I picture that soul fleeing as quickly and as far through time and space as it can from that presence because it will be terrified; it will not recognize the light as a good and loving thing, but only as a blazing power shining through to its very bones of blackness.  I have said enough.  I am sorry if this is not theologically sound, it is merely some of my thoughts on things we know not much about.  God bless us all and may we ever try to be stars, preparing and guiding others into the life-saving, life-altering Light.


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