Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | May 19, 2008

Confidence to face an army, though you’re weak and small.

I went to watch Prince Caspian today, they butchered the story.  I don’t understand why they leave so many things out of books made to movies but then they add a bunch of stuff that wasn’t in the books to begin with (it seems they could get rid of some of the extra stuff and fit more of the original in).  I kind of liked it but it also made me sad how much they messed it up and somewhat dread what they are going to do to the other stories.  They did add a scene which was not in the book that I very much liked.  The little girl, Lucy, was standing at a bridge all alone when a retreating army comes to the other side to cross; she looks at all of them, pulls out a tiny dagger, and smiles.  The soldiers look confused at her confidence and then Alsan comes to her side and, thus, the confidence.  I love Lucy’s faith, in the books she’s probably my favorite character, she has so much child-like faith…because she is a child.  Though this scene does not happen in the book, it shows her character perfectly.  She was right in her confidence, she could face an oncoming army with a dagger and a smile on her face because she knew the Lion was in the shadows, waiting to stand by her side.  We also have a Lion standing by our side, he faces the army of darkness with us and has already bared his teeth.  We can pull out puny dagger because he turns it into a flaming sword.  We can stop our scream of terror and stare death in its ugly face.  Because all is said and done, the battle is already won.  We are merely fighting skirmishes because we foolishly venture into enemy territory or allow them into our back door; but when we’re ready, when we’re willing, the Lion is there in the shadows, waiting to attack for our sake, ready to roar an earth-shattering roar who will remind the devils who our real Master is.



  1. roar.

  2. Very good post.

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