Posted by: hopeofanotherworld | May 14, 2008

The helplessness of God

There was a semester when I was in college when I had a fairly close friend who was cutting themselves pretty seriously and they were quite depressed. Because of their depression they didn’t really have energy or the will to even really want to get better. They didn’t really want to be around me or any other friend so there wasn’t really any outside stimulation to rouse them from their darkness. This time period was one of the times when I have felt most helpless. There was my friend, not far away, but no matter how close I was I could not reach them because they would not reach out their hand (or mind) towards me. The helplessness I felt is just a fraction of the helplessness God sometimes feels concerning us. The Almighty has deemed it best to grant us free will in order that we may achieve that most grand of things, a true love in which we choose to love him of our own accord. In granting us this gift, in hoping this hope, God has placed innumerable limits on himself. Because of this hope that we will choose God freely, he will not use his power in the place where he would most want to use it; to help us through our pain, to help us get out of the messes we get ourselves into. Yes, he will use his power in these situations, but first we have to ask, to truly ask…and how often do we not? How often do we not trust him? How often do we forget him, his power, his love he offers and instead “lean on our own understanding” and trust in our own feeble strength. I’m sure you have heard it said, “You can only help someone if they want to be helped.” Well, God lives by those rules, too…and it makes him feel helpless and hurt. All this because he loves us. He puts up with so much for our sake. He has so much hope in us, so many dreams wrapped up in our being, so many plans for our lives; and here we are, often running around in circles, barefoot in a thicket of briers with our eyes closed yelling at him, “I can do it on my own, I can do it on my own, I can do it on my own…” God, thank you for your incredible love for us, that you have chosen to love us and for giving us the honor, the horrifying privilege, of choosing to love you or to not love you. Thank you for running to us with outstretched arms as soon as we call for your help but respecting us enough to wait for that call. Help me to want to rely on you. Amen.



  1. well said.
    thanks for writing.
    did you know i have a blog too? i update it about 10-30 times a year.
    thats less than once every other week on average, usually.

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